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A splendid merging of modern artistic expression with Old World tradition, Soda by Greek designer Yiannis Ghikas was born of the desire to conjure the seemingly impossible: a large-scale and shapely coffee table made from a single volume of glass.

When conceptualizing and researching his design for Italian furniture company Miniforms, Ghikas soon discovered why an all-glass table of this magnitude was in short supply — the technical know-how required to produce it is possessed by only a handful of renowned artisans on the island of Murano, whose workshops have been unmatched for centuries. For both Miniforms and Ghikas, turning to these experts was an opportunity to preserve an inherited skill and apply it in a contemporary way. 

“The Soda Coffee Table honours craftsmanship and translates Murano’s heritage in a very effective language. It’s a simple shape that underlines the beautiful imperfections of the glass.”
Ini Archibong, AZ Awards 2021 Juror

The making of each 20-kilogram Soda table is nothing short of intense: Three master glassmakers work side by side to hand-blow, draw out and shape the table into its appealing form — a stemlike trefoil base topped with a hefty circular surface — all the while using a complicated system of burners to maintain a consistent temperature throughout.

The result is a rippling texture that beautifully showcases the material’s characteristic transparency through a play of shadow and light that shifts depending on the angle from which it’s approached. Named for one of the main ingredients in glass, Soda is offered in two colours — Amber and Petrol Green — and two sizes. 

Winner: Furniture
People’s Choice: Furniture
AZ Awards 2021 Winner: Soda Coffee Table

A splendid merging of modern artistic expression with Old World tradition

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