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MDF Italia introduced the Sign chair – a sweeping loop of polyamide – in 2006, to wide acclaim. For the chair’s 10th anniversary, the manufacturer asked the designer to revisit his original form, but update it with luxury-inspired materials. Piergiorgio Cazzaniga turned to the art of filigree, a jewellery-making technique in which strands of metal are configured and then soldered together. Each reimagined Sign Filo chair is handworked from 45 metres of galvanized steel wire. Finished in glossy black, gold or rose gold, Sign Filo’s birdcage-like form evokes a Victorian opulence, but its streamlined profile is stunningly contemporary.

Project: Sign Filo

Designer: Piergiorgio Cazzaniga, Italy

Manufacturer: MDF Italia, Italy

Sign Filo
The 2017 AZ Awards jury gave top marks to these seats, tables and collections.

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