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The typical new Manhattan condo tower is a sleek, wispy assemblage of glass and steel, but the 130 William building — which rises 66 storeys in the Financial District — is anything but typical. David Adjaye clad the building in dark hand-cast concrete punctuated by arched windows. The Ghanian British architect oversaw much of the interior detailing himself, from the vaulted ceiling above the pool to the custom-designed medicine cabinets. The tower may stand out on the skyline, but it nevertheless belongs: It beautifully evokes an older era in New York industrial design when masonry and craftsmanship gave the city its historic character.

Team: David Adjaye and Marc McQuade with Hill West Architects; Gilbane Building Company; AKRF Engineering; PW Grosser Consulting; RA Consultants; Gilsanz Murray Steficek; Weintraub Diaz; Brian Orter Lighting Design; Ventrop Engineering; Integrated Aquatics Engineering McNamara Salvia and BMT Fluid Consulting Group

Award of Merit: Multi-Unit Residential Buildings
130 William

Adjaye Associates clad 130 William in Manhattan in dark hand-cast concrete punctuated by arched windows.

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