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A stunning personal residence overlooking São Paulo, SP-Penthouse beautifully exemplifies understated luxury.

The library of this sprawling penthouse says it all. Carved into the late terra wood bookcases that line every wall are windows oriented to the landscape, framing cinematic views of São Paulo. A pod fireplace, suspended from the ceiling like a Barbara Hepworth sculpture, is surrounded by furniture classics by such names as Wegner, Albini and Ponti.

This is just one interior in a glorious apartment, designed by Studio MK27, that doesn’t shy from an indulgence in detailed perfection. The firm, led by Marcio Kogan, is undeniably Brazil’s best, a master of sprawling ultra-­modern residences that pose no barriers between inside and out. The vista approach Kogan and his team of 28 give to their designs makes for some awe-inspiring interiors.

With SP-Penthouse, the floor plan is organ­ized into three levels, with bedrooms occupying the first, and communal spaces – kitchen, office, dining room and living room – on the second. On the third floor, you’ll find the multi-height library, along with a spa, a covered pool, and a winter garden where the ceiling and walls feature recessed lines of lighting – like warm gashes of sunshine cutting into the interior.

The finishes are minimal, understated and exquisite. Accent walls are clad in warm terra wood panels, and the floors use travertine, marble and wood; the entire palette is realized in shades of ochre and beige. The spaces are mostly free of walls to delineate the rooms, which amplifies the sense of capaciousness. Instead, large carpets demarcate one zone from another. In the wide corridors throughout, curated items from the clients’ art collection create moments of focus and serenity. The architects also devised original works for the project, and selected furniture pieces that complement the owners’ vast collection of Brazilian, Scandinavian and Italian design.

About the firm: Such raw materials as wood and stone are central to the aesthetic of Studio MK27, led by Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan, who began his career as a filmmaker. While he still does films, his architectural practice has taken off, with dozens of projects completed around the world. The studio is particularly well known for its stunning houses, mostly located in São Paulo, where Kogan lives and works.

What the jury said: “How can you deny those walls of bookcases? I can only imagine what the views over São Paolo must be like.” – Chris Wilkinson

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

­Firm: Studio Mk27, São Paulo

Team: Luciana Antunes, Marcio Kogan and Diana Radomysler with Carlos Costa, Dimitre
Gallego, Laura Guedes, Oswaldo Pessano, Mariana Ruzante and Mariana Simas

Winner: Residential
People’s Choice: Residential
2016 AZ Awards Winner: Best Residential Interiors

A stunning personal residence overlooking São Paulo, SP-Penthouse beautifully exemplifies understated luxury.

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