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2018 AZ Awards Winner: Interiors Residential

Here’s what is truly remarkable about Loft Panzerhalle, beyond its obvious achievement as a visionary architectonic masterpiece: the new insertion hasn’t overwhelmed the original red brick building that houses it. Located on the top level of a refurbished armory, where military tanks used to be repaired, the apartment takes advantage of its eight-metre height thanks to the addition of a ribbon-like mezzanine, where the private rooms are now located, along the perimeter. From this vantage point, the bedroom – shrouded by a white curtain rather than stationary walls – provides views of the Salzburg mountains, visible through a bank of paned windows original to the structure.

2018 AZ Awards Winner: Interiors Residential

This is a great piece of architecture and a beautiful statement about a willing client coming together with true craftsmanship” – Michel Rojkind

Getting to this upper level is like a theatrical event. At the centre of the space is a floating staircase made of cast-in-place concrete. It ascends with a low and lingering incline before splitting into a Y to create two routes. Tucked below it is a seven-metre-long kitchen island made of lava stone and featuring shelves for growing herbs. The rest of the main level has been kept open to allow living spaces, entertainment areas and workspaces to be configured as desired. Elsewhere, quiet areas have been carved out of the 350-square-metre space, including a spa with a sauna and a fireplace. From almost every angle, some aspect of the original building shines though, adding an unexpected warmth to this futuristic, almost surreal interior.

Loft Panzerhalle
Salzburg, Austria
Smartvoll, Vienna, Austria
Philipp Buxbaum and Christian Kircher with Olya Sendetska and Simona Slavova

Winner: Residential
2018 AZ Awards Winner: Residential Interiors: Loft Panzerhalle

Located in a refurbished armory, Loft Panzerhalle features a ribbon-like mezzanine and a theatrical floating staircase – and it’s a visionary architectonic masterpiece. The Smartvoll project is the 2018 AZ Awards Winner for Residential Interiors.

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