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The superterrestrial design of this 40-unit residential development made it an instant Winnipeg landmark that locals have dubbed “the Spaceship.” The hometown architects elevated 62M’s doughnut-shaped three-storey structure on 20 slender concrete columns, creating the illusion that it is hovering over its one- and two-storey neighbours. A concrete core provides additional stability and contains the elevator access to the residences nearly 11 metres above. The architects were able to accomplish this daring multi-unit design at market prices by relying on cost-effective prefabrication techniques and craning the elements into place, by making modular trapezoidal units and finishing them in just two model types, and by using a limited palette and leaving materials (such as the facade’s Corten steel cladding) in their raw states.

Project 62M Location Winnipeg, Canada Firm 5468796 Architecture, Canada Team Sasa Radulovic and Ken Borton with Emeil Alvarez, Apollo Au, Pablo Batista, Brandon Bergem, Jordy Craddock, Donna Evans, Ben Greenwood, Johanna Hurme, Andriy Ivanytskyy, Jeff Kachkan, Stas Klaz, Lindsey Koepke, Kelsey McMahon, Colin Neufeld, Royce O’Toole, Hugh Taylor, Matthew Trendota, Alan Vamos, Shannon Wiebe and Jenn Yablonowski Photo James Brittain


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