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Angelo M, AZ Awards 2019

Inspired by the work of Angelo Mangiarotti, well-known for his seamless concrete architecture, Belgian designer Leo Aerts has carved this table entirely out of marble. Contrary to its appearance, however, Angelo M is in fact two parts rather than a single monolith, comprising a top with a bevelled bottom edge and a conical base with the joint cleverly hidden underneath. Using a CNC machine to cut and finish the natural stone, the designer achieved an uninterrupted and befuddling silhouette, which seems to defy physics: Round- or oval-topped, it’s available in eight varieties of marble and in honed, polished, brushed, striped or sandblasted-and-brushed finishes. Angelo M also comes in dining-, side- and coffee-table sizes.

Project Angelo M Designer Leo Aerts, Belgium Manufacturer Alinea Design Objects, Belgium 

People’s Choice: Furniture
Angelo M

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