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Like dancing inside a work of origami, the nightlife experience at Auriga is enhanced by faceted walls, and pillars covered in recycled galvanized iron. Backlit by coloured LEDs, the folded-paper effect becomes electric at dusk. Patrons can also head upstairs to the restaurant, a more subdued affair with a sloping ceiling of recycled plywood strips fashioned into a mille feuille topography. To create this enticingly cavernous hot spot, local firm Sanjay Puri transformed an old two-storey warehouse, removing the exterior wall to craft an aluminum facade whose frenetic geometry hints at what’s inside. ­sanjaypuriarchitects.­com

Location: Mumbai, India
Firm: Sanjay Puri Architects, Mumbai
Team: Sanjay Puri with Madhavi Belsare

People’s Choice: Commercial and Institutional
Auriga restaurant and lounge

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