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Park Collection, Allsteel, AZ Awards 2019

To respond to the ever-fluctuating requirements of today’s office landscape, furniture must be agile, flexible and adaptable. The Park Collection has these attributes – and more – in spades. Designed by Copenhagen’s Norm Architects for Allsteel, the comprehensive range is an adroit merging of quality Danish craftsmanship, unparalleled attention to detail and a thorough understanding of what collaborative environments need to thrive. 

Norm Architects consistently crafts thoughtful spaces and products embodying refinement, minimalism and functionality in equal measure. And Park is no exception. Lead designers Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, Kasper Rønn von Lotzbeck and Frederik Alexander Werner were keenly aware that, as office staffs grow in number, social and collaborative spaces are often the first to be supplanted by more traditional work zones – and that the furniture that once occupied these areas ends up unused rather than repurposed.

“Park is a contract line that feels rnresidential, presenting a well-choreographed work–life balance and a beautiful aesthetic.”
Matt Carr
Park Collection, Allsteel, AZ Awards 2019

Park was born from a desire to counter that waste – both spatial and material. Addressing everything from privacy and wellness to an effective division of space, the individual pieces include high-backed chairs and settees and multiple table formats, plus an artist’s easel–inspired monitor stand and a series of trough-like storage pedestals that can serve as planters.

Further raising the bar for what contract furniture should be, the family exudes warmth and comfort thanks to softly rounded corners, velvet-like laminates and shapely metal frames. Meticulous in its execution, the Park system is both fresh and functional.  

AZ Awards category Design: Furniture Systems and Collections Project Park Collection Designers Jonas Bjerre-Poulson, Kasper Rønn von Lotzbeck and Frederik Alexander Werner, Norm Architects, Copenhagen, Denmark Manufacturer Allsteel, Muscatine, Iowa, U.S.

Winner: Furniture Systems and Collections
AZ Awards 2019 Winner: Park

A holistic office collection by Norm Architects for Allsteel wins the Design: Furniture Systems and Collections award.

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