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That images of Tarkett’s iD Mixonomi vinyl flooring in situ appear to feature tiles from entirely separate collections is, in fact, high praise. While geometric flooring isn’t itself a novelty, it’s the seemingly infinite design possibilities afforded by the iD Mixonomi portfolio that elevate it to gamechanger status. With eight graphic shapes and three complementary mini formats, all available in five distinct palettes comprising 34 hues, the modular collection allows designers unmatched creative freedom.

Colourways range from nature-inspired neutrals to vivid primaries, while sizes vary from 19.2 by 19.2 centimetres to 66.7 by 38.5 centimetres. Myriad shapes and patterns — hexagons, herringbone, diamonds, triangles — can be applied in one or two hues to achieve a monochrome look or combined in a variety of tones and formats for a more graphic impact. The resulting configurations can offer a retro-cool effect, a modern minimalist aesthetic or a more traditional look.

“This isn’t just a product well-suited to different scenarios and contexts, but also a tool that can inspire other creatives when using it.”
Luca Nichetto

The versatility alone is a strong selling point, but iD Mixonomi’s appeal goes beyond the surface. Rated for heavy and very heavy use in domestic, commercial and industrial settings, the collection is designed to perform in high-traffic areas. Then there’s the sustainability factor. The tiles contain 32 per cent pre-consumer recycled content and are 100 per cent recyclable through Tarkett’s own ReStart program, which aims to help close the production loop by collecting post-installation offcuts and post-consumer flooring to re-use in new products. The collection is also phthalate-free and certified allergy- and asthma-friendly.

It’s rare that a single collection can be employed with equal effect and suitability in, say, a traditional corporate workplace and a hyper-trendy retail environment. But with such boundless opportunities for mixing and matching, plus its durability and recyclability, Tarkett’s iD Mixonomi is just such a line.

AZ Awards Category Architectural Products Manufacturer Tarkett North America, Solon, Ohio, U.S.

Winner: Architectural Products
AZ Awards 2020 Winner: iD Mixonomi

Tarkett’s versatile line of graphic vinyl flooring took top spot in the Design: Architectural Products category.

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