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Rendering stainless steel as delicate as a textile, Julie Richoz’s masterful tableware collection, consisting of a plate and two decorative bowls, is fabricated by chemically etching ultra-thin sheets of spring steel. The cut pattern forms a wheel of tendrils that Richoz threads together, turning the 2‑D plane into a usable volume, one that speaks elegantly about the mer­ging of industrial and artisanal craft. The pieces are now available through Artecnica.



Thalie by Julie Richoz; Essentials by Carl Emil Jacobsen and Daniel Kowal; X-Scape by Aaron Choi and Diego Valencia; Food and Energy by Arina Agieieva and Dmytro Zhuikov; and Václav Havel’s Monument by Libor Šenekel.

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WinnerA+ Award for Student Work
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Nicole Cao, Brampton, Ontario, Canada
University of Waterloo
Award of MeritA+ Award for Student Work
Architectural Association School of Architecture, U.K.
Federico Fauli with tutors Efrén Ga Grinda, Christina Díaz Moreno and Benjamin Reynolds 
People’s ChoiceA+ Award for Student Work
Safira Lakhani, University of Waterloo, Ontario