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Cocoon Lounge

Marck Associati designer Daniele Merini’s free-standing, curved-glass system for Casali delineates a sinuous floor plan for an antechamber that encloses occupants without cutting them off from the rest of the room. Inside the lounge, a form of light therapy awaits. The tinted, transparent and nearly seamless glass walls amplify the physical sensation of any direct sunlight by adding a yellow that bathes visitors in a warm, golden glow. Casali, an Italian manufacturer with a knack for working with curved glass, makes this futuristic chill-out pod at its base in Cesenatico. Ideal clients might include a fun, perky tech start-up or a similarly informal workplace.

Product: Cocoon Lounge Firm: Casali, Italy Team: Daniele Merini with Maurizio Casali and Roberto Casali

People’s Choice: Architectural Products
Cocoon Lounge
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