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Every year, Dan Rockhill’s Studio 804 at the University of Kansas gives graduate students in architecture invaluable experience by challenging them to build one sustainable project from the ground up. Most recently, the studio worked with EcoHawks, a student-run group that researches electric vehicles, biofuels, wind turbine technology and more, to build a new LEED Platinum facility. The 250-square-metre building incorporates three volumes – two fabrication areas and one open-air space – behind a recycled-aluminum woven skin and translucent shading system. The latter’s insulated, aerogel-filled panels keep the building cool, while solar panels and a water retention system round out the environmental features.

Location: Lawrence, Kansas
Studio: Studio 804, University of Kansas
Team: Dan Rockhill with Hayder Alsaad, Max Anderson, Melanie Arthur, Liz Avenius, Ryan Berry, Matthew Bethel, Ashlee Burleson, Mark Hageman, Hunter Hanahan, Kelli Hawkins, Hannah Hindman, Owen Huisenga, Mike Kelly, Rachel Mattes, Kate Medin, Mandy Moore, Matt Patterson, Ryan Shults, Bryan Stockton and Mark Zeitler

Ecohawks Research Facility

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