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Like two chefs preparing a sumptuous feast, masters students Carl Emil Jacobsen and Daniel Kowal paid meticulous attention to detail in designing this collection that elevates the ritual of cooking. From the gunmetal cleaver and sickle to the stoneware bowl, they employed various innovative approaches to achieve a hybrid between ancient and modern techniques. They based their shapes on the Fibonacci series; chose such materials as food-certified bronze and porcelain; and realized some models with 3‑D printing. This fusion is exemplified by the steel knives, with their laser-cut blades treated for corrosion using acid from young apples, an ancient Viking method. ­

People’s Choice: A+ Award for Student Work

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People’s Choice
Award of MeritA+ Award for Student Work
OCAD University, Canada
Kristoffer Paolo Aguila with faculty advisor Angelika Seeschaaf Veres
Award of MeritA+ Award for Student Work
Anthony Ko, Architectural Association School of Architecture, London, UK
Award of MeritA+ Award for Student Work
Vincent Chuang and Zihao Wei
Kitchener, Canada
University of Waterloo (Professor Rick Haldenby)