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Fine Line

Equal parts chandelier, vertical blinds, secret location and Instagram backdrop, RAW’s interactive installation, consisting of 12,768 strips of flagging tape suspended from a steel grid, explores the frontier between solid and permeable. Fine Line creates spatial boundaries and heightens sensory awareness for those who interact with the four-metre-wide by four-metre-deep by three-metre-high volume, which seemingly floats half a metre above the ground. The intrepid ones who dive headlong into the object land in a safe space. Fine Line was debuted at EDIT: Expo for Design, Innovation & Technology in Toronto last fall.

Project: Fine Line Location: Toronto, Canada Firm: RAW, Canada

Team: Roland Rom Colthoff with Adrienne Hossfeld, Jacob Ragetli, Nina Wang, Dakota Wares-Tani, and Heather Woolvett

Fine Line

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