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At this primary school in Aarhus, Denmark, the playground is everywhere. The atrium has indoor swings, the gymnasiums have obstacle courses, and the tiered roof is topped with multi-purpose sports areas. Henning Larsen Architects designed the 15,000-square-metre school with copious windows, ensuring that every space (from the classroom to the rumpus room) is bathed in natural light.

But the real emphasis here is on movement: travelling from one floor to the next, students can take the stairs or ascend via the adjacent climbing wall, making the school every bit as dynamic as the students who run, jump and swing through its interiors.

Projects: Frederiksbjerg School

Location: Aarhus, Denmark

Firms: Henning Larsen Architects with GPP Arkitekter, Denmark

Team: Margrete Grøn and Peer Teglgaard Jeppesen with Eva Bryzek, Kasper Christiansen, Glenn Collett Poulsen, Tobias Dræger, Henrik Jacobsen, Peter Munch, Anders Nielsen, Dorte Nielsen, Vanda Oliveira, Eva Ravnborg, Vanja Scott and Zazia Wihlborg Bigom

Frederiksbjerg School
This year's AZ Awards of Merit in the category of Architecture over 1,000M² went to bold and inspiring large-scale projects in five different countries.

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