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House City Wall

When contemplating this historic Seville residence with a facade from the 11th century, the Madrid architects charged with renovating it resigned themselves to the fact that they weren’t the first and likely wouldn’t be the last to update this building. Given their bit parts in the home’s evolution, they resolved to tidy up its existing layers and to add value with a contemporary layer of their own. Their intervention consists of moments that are considerate of continuity and that another group may parse in the distant future. The broad approach yielded a surreal yet orderly space that recalls Dalí and Escher at once.

Project: House City Wall Location: Seville, Spain Firm: nodo17 group, Spain

Team: Manuel Pérez Romero and Jaime Tarazona Lizarraga with Francisco Barrena, Luis Del Rey Cristóbal, Noelia Sonmolinos, Félix Toledo Lerín and Chico Monago Construcciones

House City Wall

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