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In Houston, Texas, you’ll find countless trees interspersed with buildings — a phenomenon that Rice University professor Lars Lerup calls “the zoohemic canopy.” With the Houston Endowment Headquarters, a suite of offices for one of the state’s largest private foundations, architect Kevin Daly sought to honour this distinctive geographic feature. The complex is sustainably built atop a hybrid steel–CLT frame; it’s energy-neutral thanks to geothermal wells and a solar array that harnesses natural light. The best feature is the louvred canopy suspended above the building, which filters sun, much like trees in a dappled forest.

Team: Kevin Daly with Luke Smith, Gretchen Stoecker, Phineas Taylor-Webb, Ryan Conroy and Casey Worrell (Kevin Daly Architects); Wonne Ickx and Nicolás Fueyo (Productora)

Award of Merit: Buildings Over 1,000SqM
Houston Endowment Headquarters

Architect Kevin Daly sought to honour the city’s distinctive “zoohemic canopy.”

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