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This rectilinear Edmonton pavilion has no front or back. Its patrons, with baseball bats, gloves or catchers’ mitts in tow, approach its translucent walls from all four sides, drawn by a towering 360-degree marquee.

Three of the entrances lead to changing rooms, while the fourth has a recessed courtyard complete with concession stand. Here, the Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative installed a row of massive aluminum doors, perforated to filter natural light. These doors enclose the space by night, then pivot up 90 degrees to form a translucent awning by day. For an athletic facility, the building is remarkably – and appropriately – dextrous.

Project: John Fry Sports Park Pavilion

Location: Edmonton, Canada

Firm: The Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative, Canada

Team: Marc Boutin and Jerry Hacker with Mike deBoer, Sean Knight, Matt Lamers, Tony Leong, Alison MacLachlan, Mauricio Rosa and Kristin St. Arnault

People’s Choice: Recreational Architecture
John Fry Sports Park Pavilion
The finalists in the 2017 AZ Awards category of Recreational Architecture prove that sports facilities need not be traditional.

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