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Kanda Terrace
2018 AZ Awards of Merit: Architecture Commercial/Institutional Under 1,000 Square Metres
Architecture: Commercial/Institutional Under 1,000 Square Metres.

Kanda Terrace


With the most Michelin-starred restaurants in the world, Tokyo is the reigning capital of gastronomy. One of the latest additions to its already stellar scene is Kanda Terrace, a purpose-built mid-rise building with nine floors housing nine turnkey restaurant spaces. Located in the central Chiyoda ward and designed by a local firm, Key Operation Architects, the building has three street-facing, steel-framework elevations, of which the southern facade is the most dramatic. The architects set back the main entrance from the property line in order to emphasize the kinetic effect of the variously shaped, overhanging floor plates of the restaurant terraces above. Each of these terraces gives its restaurant distinctive curb appeal and provides patrons with a different outdoor eating experience.

Project: Kanda Terrace
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Firm: Key Operation Architects, Japan
Team: Akira Koyama with Motoharu Hisadai, Ou Lee, Nobuaki Matsuoka and Naohisa Yamashita

Kanda Terrace

A nine-storey building housing nine turnkey restaurants – designed in Tokyo by Key Operations – earned a 2018 AZ Award of Merit in Architecture: Commercial/Institutional Under 1,000 Square Metres.

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