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Living Room of Lake House by MF+ Arquitetos

Stretching 36.5 metres, the resplendent Lake House by mf+arquitetos is two-faced in the best way. At its moat-like entrance, the home’s character is expressed by two stone-clad volumes that telescope out from the main concrete block; on the opposite, private side, the home is one sweeping gesture of minimalism. The detail that gives this serene rectangle its undeniable dynamism: a series of floor-to-ceiling rope brise-soleils that pivot open to dissolve the line between indoors and out.

Situated in Uberlândia, Brazil, Lake House continues its process of unfolding with a landscape that steps down from the hill on which the house is gently perched to a wooden platform and pool. The pairing of the two simple geometries of this architectural deck and the house itself completes a brilliant image. Both ultimately feel human-scale; the ceiling height within the home is 2.6 metres, providing a horizontal frame for the surroundings.

Pool of Lake House by MF+ Arquitetos
Being there would be pretty spectacular.
Lawrence Scarpa, AZ Awards Juror 2023

The home’s stone volumes contain different functions: two bedrooms and the private garden of the principal suite in one of them; the kitchen, wine cellar and other services (garage, laundry room and washrooms) in the other.

The kitchen stretches across one of the stone volumes to deliver a sublime view through the screens; featuring a span of monolithic cabinetry and a live- edge table, it puts the home’s convivial spirit front and centre. Together with the living room, this interior employs a smooth composition of materials: stone floor and walls, concrete ceiling and wooden panels. The welcoming architectural finishes contrast with the leather and linen textures of the well appointed furnishings. As the architects explain, “The house brings very pure lines throughout its extension, direct connection with nature and the views, authentic materials, brutality and softness — allowing the sensations to be fully felt and appreciated.”

Team: Filipi Gabriel Lucas de Oliveira and Mariana Ferreira Garcia de Oliveira with Lucas Ferrari, Luis Felipe, Renato Ubiali, Dionezio Junior, Talita Ferracioli, Guilherme Takahashi and Luis Fernando 

Winner: Houses
Lake House

Low-slung and luxurious, mf+arquitetos’s Lake House in Brazil embraces its site and opens onto the outdoors through massive rope-woven brise-soleils.

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