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As a counterforce to the rise of fast production techniques and trend-driven style, many designers are revisiting crafts that have stood the test of time. With the Lan seating collection, Neri&Hu deconstruct a sofa into the typology’s composite parts to pay tribute to the storied tradition of textile-making. The collection’s defining element is a loom-like structure that vertically displays a swath of fabric to showcase its handicraft. Thanks to the elastic woven band at its base, this screen module doubles as a functional backrest for a seat — which can be accented with cushions and a small wooden side table element to accommodate everything from typing emails to a rewatching of 2017’s Phantom Thread.

Project Lan Seating Designer Lyndon Neri & RossanaHu of Neri&Hu, China Manufacturer Gan, Spain

Lan Seating

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