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Limbus GreenFrame, AZ Awards 2019

Equal parts room divider, plant stand and floor lamp, this thin-framed yet eminently useful piece is the ultimate biophilic object. Conceived by Malmö-based Johan Kauppi, it began as a spinoff from an earlier design for a floor screen, which Kauppi deconstructed.

In essence, he imagined GreenFrame as a modern-day stand-in for a window with a garden view for workplaces that have neither. An LED strip recessed into the frame’s upper crossbar provides a light source, making it ideal for creating an indoor green space in rooms devoid of sunlight. Best of all, plants no longer have to be confined to window sills, giving space planners infinitely greater flexibility when it comes to fashioning bespoke office oases.

Project Limbus GreenFrame Design Kauppi & Kauppi, Sweden Manufacturer Glimakra of Sweden, Sweden 

Limbus GreenFrame

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