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To reconnect Rosenheim to its rivers, Berlin landscape firm A24 ingeniously transformed 13 hectares of urban waterfront in the city in Upper Bavaria. The backbone of this brilliant scheme is a 500-metre-long boardwalk, which morphs from ramp to promenade to landscaped steps leading down to the water’s edge, and connects to eight pedestrian bridges. While these bridges link the riverbanks, the previously buried Mühlbach creek was uncovered, and guarded inlets along its path were reimagined as urban gardens. A timbered platform rises above tiered lawns, provides a viewing platform to the Chiemgau Alps, to the east. a24‑

Location: Rosenheim, Germany
Firm: A24 Landschaft Landschaftsarchitektur, Berlin
Team: Steffan Robel and Joachim Swillus with Carole Blessner, Stephan Huber and Joachim Naundorf

Mangfall Park Rosenheim

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