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In industrial kitchens, colour-coded cutting boards are used for different types of food: red for meat, blue for fish, green for vegetables. But why should commercial operations have all the fun? With Match, Ghent-based artist–designers Muller Van Severen introduce a playful system that rebels against the home kitchen’s typically muted palette by embracing bolder, brighter hues. Taking further inspiration from cutting boards, the cabinet fronts are made from high-density polyethylene, a waxy material known for being durable, water-resilient and easy to clean. These doors, which come in six colours that encourage mix-and-match personalization, can be installed on Reform’s own recently introduced cabinet line or on Ikea’s Metod range. Coordinating accents — including a marble countertop, satin gold aluminum handles and a brass kick plate that runs along the base of the system — serve as a luxe contrast to the solution’s utilitarian inspiration.

Project Match Designers Fien Muller and HannesVan Severen of MullerVan Severen, Belgium Manufacturer Reform, Denmark


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