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Like a diamond among stones, this faceted gem showcases the People’s Architecture Office’s “Plugins” – a proprietary building system of prefabricated modular panels that includes insulation, plumbing and electrical, as well as interior and exterior finishes and glazing. By allowing Mrs. Fan to return to the site of her childhood home, Plugin House fights the flight to the suburbs (and reduces Mrs. Fan’s commute from four hours to one). As infill in Beijing’s central Changchun Jie neighbourhood, this inventive home also places urban regeneration within easier reach: Plugin House costs 30 times less than an apartment in the city.

Project: Mrs Fan’s Plugin House

Location: Beijing, China

Firm: People’s Architecture Office, China

Team: Zang Feng, James Shen and He Zhe with Chen Yihuai and Zhang Zhen

Mrs Fan’s Plugin House
The 2017 AZ Awards finalists in the categories of Social Good and Environmental Leadership prove that architecture can be a powerful catalyst for meaningful change.

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