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Well beyond the recent resimercial trend and our current WFH reality, the desire for domestic comforts in office environments is a phenomenon poised to grow stronger in the years to come. To that end, workplace furniture specialist Coalesse and Spanish textile expert Nanimarquina have teamed up to create a soulful rug collection tough enough for the office. Using nature and the geometries of traditional tufting and looming techniques as their dual starting points, the two brands developed six modern, graphic interpretations of classic weaves. Patch, for instance, joins together hand-loomed, individually dyed panels bordered with playful fringe, while Basket enlarges, abstracts and fades the pattern commonly found on woven baskets. The collection also includes two offerings designed for outdoor use, Diagonal and Mesh. Sharing a muted, earth-toned palette, all six exhibit a warmth that readies the office for a new chapter of deep comfort.

Project Nanimarquina Collection for Coalesse Designers Nani Marquina of Nanimarquina (Spain) and John Hamilton of Coalesse (U.S.) Manufacturer Coalesse, U.S.

Nanimarquina Collection for Coalesse

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