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If the ambience of Osteria Betulla feels heavenly, that’s because the architects leaned into the concept of a “food temple” — one that resembles a minimalist, sunshine-filled European chapel. In a space that transitions from dark to light, the experience begins at the shrouded entrance, continues to a small dining hall — its pasta-making table taking on the significance of an altar — and culminates with the great open hall, where the banquettes evoke church pews and the arch-like window jambs are lowered to seating height for maximum illumination. Along with these gestures, the firm created a vaulted ceiling that seamlessly merges with the walls, all in white plaster, to give the space its sculpted feel.

AZ Awards 2022 People's Choice: Osteria Betulla by Da Bureau

Team Julia Kubitskaya and Maria Romanova with Anna Lvovskaya, Fedor Goreglyad and Boris Lvovskiy

People’s Choice: Commercial and Institutional
Osteria Betulla

The dining experience at Osteria Betulla transitions from light to dark, culminating in the great open hall.

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