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Planar House, AZ Awards 2019

Planar House, a modernist dwelling in the municipality of Porto Feliz, Brazil, near São Paulo, is a study in horizontal design. Architect Marcio Kogan of the Brazilian firm Studio MK27 set the entire building program – playrooms, mechanical rooms, ensuite bedrooms – beneath a flat, low-slung roof. The most private spaces are deep within the structure, while the living rooms sit at the two far ends, surrounded on three sides by sliding glass doors. When the doors are open, these interior regions transform into covered terraces. The roof above is similarly integrated with the landscape; it’s blanketed in sod and feels, as a result, like an extension of the lawn. The only incongruous element on the property is an undulating brick wall that runs lengthwise alongside the house. This curvilinear feature is all the more striking because it’s anomalous, like a single wave on an otherwise glassy lake. 

Project Planar House Location Porto Feliz, Brazil Firm Studio MK27, Brazil Team Marcio Kogan with Lair Reis and Diana Radomysler Photo Fernando Guerra

People’s Choice: Single-Family Houses
Planar House

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