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For this three-storey house in Sri Lanka, architect Palinda Kannangara thought carefully about how to integrate the outside world – and how to block it out. Various features, from the green roof to the porous double-layered walls and the internal ponds, keep the inside temperature below that of the humid outdoors, effectively giving the house its own microclimate. The window placement, though irregular, is deliberate; textured brick walls shut out the sights and sounds of the nearby street, and open up to expansive views of the surrounding marshlands – and of the garden, which absorbs floodwater during the rainy season.

Project: Studio Dwelling at Rajagiriya

Location: Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka

Firm: Palinda Kannangara Architects, Sri Lanka

Team: Palinda Kannangara with Ranjith Wijegunasekara

Studio Dwelling at Rajagiriya
The 2017 AZ Awards jury had plenty of praise for these five residences, by Omar Gandhi, People’s Architecture Office and other leading architects.

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