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Some people prefer to make decisions based on instinct, while others act on careful calculations. When it came time to design a getaway compound on the Greek island of Milos, DECA Architecture did a bit of both. First, the architects traversed a nine-hectare landscape to identify five choice sites for undisturbed vacation homes based on pure visceral feel. Then they turned to math. Inspired by the diagrams developed by Russian mathematician Georgy Voronoi, the firm mapped polygonal corrals around each of their chosen locations and introduced unique landscaping. Some, like the Hourglass Corral nestled into a plateau and the Immersion Corral near the island’s rugged coastline, highlight the features of their geological site. Others, like the Preservation and Orchard Corrals, favour agriculture by growing fruit and olive trees, respectively. Finally, the Isolation Corral is home to a small, stone-walled structure built entirely by hand to leave its wilderness location peacefully undisturbed.

Project Voronoi’s Corrals Location Milos, Greece Firm DECA Architecture, Greece Team Alexandros Vaitsos and Carlos Loperena with Minna Colakis, Stefanos Nassopoulos, AlisonKatri, Eva Tsouni, Maria Pappa, Aliki Samara-Chrisostomidou and Dionysis Dikefalos Photos Ståle Eriksen and Yiorgis Yerolymbos

Voronoi’s Corrals

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