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Design. Culture. Craft. For almost 50 years, Landscape Forms has been a committed leader in the creation of outdoor furniture and lighting. We collaborate with world-renowned designers to create solutions that connect people to nature and enhance the outdoor experience. Design is our identity, an identity we share with Azure.


Designed by Loll Designs, Americana is the reimagination of the classic Adirondack chair—a timeless icon of outdoor enjoyment. We have modernized the familiar design language and used high-performance materials not only to make a bold visual statement, but to ensure the chair stands the test of time in outdoor public spaces. The sustainable nature of Americana is not just limited to the furnishing’s long and lowmaintenance lifespan. All HDPE components are constructed from post-consumer recycled plastic, saving thousands of single-use plastics—predominantly milk jugs—from otherwise ending up in landfills. 

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The elegant, minimalist form of Disc reimagines the sunshade to offer landscape architects new opportunities to define space and provide shelter in an artful, modern way. Designed by Scott Klinker and inspired by the graceful yet robust nature of post and beam construction, Disc features a strong, confidence-inspiring form complemented by a clean, open interior unobstructed by any visible hardware. 

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Motive is a sophisticated family of lights that blurs the line between indoor and outdoor lighting to create out-of-the-ordinary settings. Designed by Justin Champaign, Motive celebrates the beauty of illumination and its interaction with architecture, objects, and space. The comprehensive family includes area lights, a path light, a wall-mounted light, a pendant light, and a dramatic outdoor floor lamp. 

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The Typology Collection is an innovative seating and lighting system that adds dynamic new dimension to any site, enveloping the visitor—both from above and below—in an immersive experience. Sculptural elements play in both the vertical and horizontal planes, incorporating both light and shadow, to draw the eyes skyward then back to the earth with signature design features.

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Upfit is an adaptive structure with a modern style and endless flexibility to transform spaces into places that invite people to create experiences. Upfit transforms underutilized spaces on corporate, academic, and healthcare campuses and within public and transit areas into sought-out destinations that provide power, light, display, surfaces, and shelter from the elements – all the things people need to live, learn, work, care, play, and travel outdoors. Upfit makes place relevant, useful, and enjoyable.

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