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Keilhauer creates beautifully and intelligently designed furniture to support the exchange of ideas. Conversing, conferencing, collaborating – every product elevates existing routines and encourages new and meaningful ways of engaging. Keilhauer is committed to exceptional design, environmental stewardship and ethical manufacturing. Keilhauer is honoured to partner with Azure and the AZ Awards.


Refined and modern, Epix is an innovative, fully recyclable collection that is designed to support the future of the workplace. This collection of tables, seating and storage provides limitless possibilities for creating the ideal gathering space in the office, promoting both creativity and collaboration.

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“By joining Keilhauer we can scale the manufacturing to reach new spaces, markets and designers around the world while maintaining our quality focus”
Geoffrey Lilge, Division Twelve founder

With endless arrangements that promote creativity, the versatility of the Pact collection provides a compact, multi-functional, soft-contract pieces that support both privacy and communication.

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The carbon neutral Swurve chair brings comfort and elegance to meeting rooms of all sizes. The sculptured form is inspired by forms found in nature with dramatic curves and flowing lines. With its integrated ergonomics, clean lines and verified sustainability accomplishments Swurve delivers the perfect trifecta of design credentials in a beautiful selection of meshes and upholstery.

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From pop-up workspaces to inviting lounges, Wunder provides a comfortable solution. Lounge and side seating, stools, a bench and a table form an inspiring collection designed to provide the perfect state of relaxation for brainstorming, ideation and creativity.

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