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More often than not, a sofa is introduced into a living room as a spot for individuals to gather in intimate conversation. Of course, the more diverse the personalities, the more interesting their dynamic. Magis’s Officina sofa is a testament to the power of unexpected pairings.

Named for the Italian word for “workshop,” the design by French brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec marries industrial craftsmanship with stately grandeur. Its plush upholstered cushions – available in, among other fabrics, glamorous velvet – rest on a surprisingly rough complement: wrought iron. And yet, thanks to this material’s strength, the Bouroullecs were able to accommodate the weight of several bodies with an astonishingly thin framework. Aside from the single bold line of metal that twists and turns below them, Officina’s cushions appear to be almost floating.

“I love the retro, Jean Prouvé–like detailing of this sofa’s legs and arms.”
Johnson Chou
Officina, AZ Awards

Mind you, approach the piece from its rear or side and the design’s metal rods reveal their own elegance. Bent into playful curves, they arc up at the back to press into the sofa cushions like delicate fingers making contact with piano keys and splay out onto the floor like high-heeled feet stepping out of a cab.

As Officina demonstrates, there is harmony to be found between contrasting characters – the kind you’d find at a soiree with an appropriately eclectic guest list.

AZ Awards category Design: Furniture Project Officina sofa Design Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec Design, Paris, France Manufacturer Magis, Torre di Mosto, Italy

Winner: Furniture
AZ Awards 2019 Winner: Officina Sofa

Combining soft and rugged elements, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec’s sofa for Magis wins in Design: Furniture

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