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UP, AZ Awards 2019

In terms of green cred, Denmark’s UP – the “circular kitchen” designed for Reform by Lendager Group, a leader in sustainable solutions – is, well, up there. A series of solid natural-wood cabinetry fronts and countertops, Lendager’s design is made of upcycled Douglas fir offcuts from Dinesen (the 120-year-old manufacturer of high-end hardwood flooring), which are subsequently finished in a light oil. Moreover, each piece is milled to fit Ikea kitchens, perhaps the most common cabinetry framework worldwide. For these reasons and more – think ease of transport and a handsome aesthetic – the Lendager-Reform collabo constitutes a new high for eco-design, demonstrating just how attractive offcuts can be, and giving designers and renovators the opportunity to reduce waste and optimize resources by using an effective green product. Talk about upping the ante.

Project UP Design Lendager Group, Denmark Manufacturer Reform, Denmark


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