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Wool is durable, renewable and biodegradable, qualities that make the Cicil Wool Rug Collection as eco-friendly as it is handsome. This isn’t by accident: The pair of textile industry veterans who founded the North Carolina rugmaker did so with sustainability as the top priority from day one. To achieve this, Cicil uses fibres sourced from a farmers’ collective in the American Northeast and braids its wool around deadstock jute, among many other materials. Furthermore, by eschewing chemical dyes, Cicil not only brings wool’s beautiful natural colour variation to the fore but also allows the company to make artful use of darker and coarser fibres that would otherwise be thrown away. In addition to a small selection of off-the-shelf designs, Cicil also offers the ability for clients to customize rugs like their charming Curvy Runner to fit any space.

Award of Merit: Interior Products
Award of Merit: Environmental Leadership
Cicil Wool Rug Collection

A sheep farmers’ collective and a family-owned textile mill help to produce a small but versatile line of chemical-free rugs in a range of natural tones.

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