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A door handle isn’t just a piece of utilitarian hardware; it can also be a metaphor. Doorways, after all, are places of transition, portals through which we pass from one space into another. It was this line of thinking, and its evocation of anticipation and memory, that inspired Neri&Hu’s Zai collection (“zai” means “again” in Chinese). It consists of a door handle, a Dreykipp window handle and a door pull. Cast in brass, each piece balances the feel of cold metal with the warmth of gently curving lines and adds a touch of poetry to the quotidian act of opening a door or window.

People’s Choice: Interior Products
Award of Merit: Interior Products
Zai Collection

Neri&Hu’s Zai collection was inspired by the idea that doorways are places of transition, portals to pass from one space into another.

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