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Like a portal through time, a marble staircase connects the two rooms of this split-level Lisbon shop, each with a distinct mood: past or future. Bold geometric patterns of floor tiles define each space, while wooden wall units act as a connective thread between the shop’s distinct epochs. In the retro room, the service counter is a polished brass mono-
lith that reflects the 130-year-old fragrance brand’s beautifully packaged products, displayed in antique apothecary cabinets. Downstairs, the flagship storefront is a sleek and modern salon where doting stylists stow products out of sight in an archive of sleek wooden drawers.

Project: Claus Porto Flagship Store

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Firm: João Mendes Ribeiro Arquitecto, Portugal

Team: João Mendes Ribeiro with Joana Brandão, Filipe Catarino, Diogo Correia Duro, Maria da Luz Santiago, Ana Maria Feijão, Catarina Fortuna, Bruno Henriques and Pedro Teixeira

Claus Porto Flagship Store
Five very different projects from around the world made the final cut for the Institutional and Commercial Interiors category, including a marijuana dispensary and an Uber office.

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