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2018 AZ Awards of Merit: Environmental Leadership


Why renovate a 10-year-old prefab home that could be swept away in the next big storm? Gap Cove House represents an entirely original typology for New England: Elevated a full storey above grade on sturdy concrete piers, this former Cape Cod is now poised to weather the next devastating storm surge, sheltering a cozy outdoor living area with views of the Atlantic Ocean below. The transformation expanded the original structure to include a solar chimney for natural cooling, re-clad the exterior with red cedar and copper and topped it all off with photovoltaic panels that provide all the home’s power.

Project: Gap Cove House
Location: Rockport, Massachusetts, USA
Firm: Ruhl Walker Architects, USA
Team: Jide Olanrewaju, Nerijus Petrokas and William T. Ruhl

Gap Cove House

Elevated on concrete piers, Gap Cove House is built to withstand New England storm surges and is filled with sustainable features, earning it the 2018 AZ Award of Merit for Environmental Leadership.

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