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A busy Shanghai shopping mall might not seem the most obvious location for a spa that channels the stillness of the cosmos. Yet the moment you’re inside, Green Massage feels light years removed from its hectic setting thanks to its celestial design concept, which draws on the symbolism of the moon. To best evoke the craters and plains of the lunar landscape, Vermilion Zhou Design Group adopted a textural grey palette — applied to the walls with concrete paint — and embraced round, organic edges in place of sharp angles. Light strips installed in reveals between the walls and ceiling introduce a soft, soothing glow, while miniature moon fixtures by artist Yang Yong Liang are stationed on the ground and walls to lead guests on their journey through the spa and toward a deep, restorative reset.

Location Shanghai, China Firm Vermilion Zhou Design Group, China Team Kuang Ming (Ray) Chou with Mavis Huang, Chia Huang Liao, Vera Chu, Reykia Feng and Garvin Hung Photo Yunpu Cai

Green Massage

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