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For the sixth annual AZ Awards, our intrepid jury narrowed the field from over 800 submissions, received from dozens of countries, to select just 48 finalists that stood above the rest. In addition to presenting the AZ Award winners, Azure recognized these projects, products and concepts with Awards of Merit.

Near the city of Matosinhos, Portugal, at the precise point where land meets sea, Luís Pedro Silva’s cruise terminal is a stunning concrete and granite marina, research facility and event space, with an exterior so singular it could double as a sculptural installation. Pedestrian ramps encircle the central hub, then bend outward like an unspooling ball of yarn, while concrete piers extend, tentacle-like, into the Atlantic. Meanwhile, the HVAC system is ingeniously powered by waves, an abundant resource.

Location: Porto, Portugal

Firm: Luís Pedro Silva Arquitecto, Portugal

Team: Luís Pedro Silva with Fernando Azevedo, António Babo, Artur Costa, António Ferreira, Vasco Peixoto Freitas, Veloso Gomes, Ricardo Gonçalves, Pedro Gordinho, José Carlos Lino, José Magalhães, Antóntio Mata and Eulália Soares ­

People’s Choice: Buildings Over 1,000SqM
Porto Cruise Terminal

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