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Rockawat Boardwalk Reconstruction, AZ Awards 2019

For the reconstruction of a 10-kilometre stretch of the famous Rockaway Boardwalk in Queens, New York, which had been destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, local government officials demanded more resilient structures, rebuilt to standards that would survive future storms. The result, overseen by Claire Weisz of WXY Architecture + Urban Design, is a new boardwalk made entirely of concrete, elevated above the 100-year flood plain. Improved access from the street and beach and better wayfinding have also helped circulation and made it a more vibrant Main Street for the Rockaway communities living along it. Around Seaside, the urban designers painted the boardwalk’s large cement tiles with big blue letters that spell “ROCKAWAY,” presumably in aid of people researching their summer holidays on Google Maps. 

Project Rockaway Boardwalk Reconstruction Location New York City, U.S. Firm WXY Architecture + Urban Design, U.S. Team Claire Weisz, Mark Yoes and Layng Pew with Jonathan Goldstick, Jackson Wandres and Paula Scher Photo Albert Vecerka/Esto

Rockaway Boardwalk Reconstruction

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