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A typical workplace plays regular host to two types of group meetings: casual brainstorms and formal presentations. The versatile Tam Tam table proves equally adept in both scenarios. When collapsed, it serves as a compact whiteboard for sketching concepts. Unfolded, it expands into a full 323-by-120-centimetre meeting table with the professional presence to impress even the most discerning of investors. Of course, the table is just as well suited to the educational or hospitality sectors, which often require extra work surfaces at a moment’s notice. To facilitate speedy set-up, Tam Tam can be transformed and fastened into place by just one person, while large-diameter lockable castors ensure it wheels between rooms — or into cramped elevators — with similar ease. If only brainstorm sessions moved so quickly.

Project Tam Tam Designer Arter & Citton, Italy Manufacturer Ibebi, Italy

Tam Tam

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